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Psychic Medium Spiritual Counselor

Psychic Type: Claircognizant, Clairsentient (with spirits), Clairvoyance

Psychic Skills: Knowing details about spirits, talking to gods, archangels, guides, ancestors, other spirits. Knowing about a client’s emotions and situations.

Psychic Tools: Pendulum, oracle cards, scrying (smoke), shamanic stone reading, astral travel, dreams

Craft Genres: Green/Herbal/Potions, Celtic, Kitchen, Hedgewitch/Shaman, Rootwork/Hoodoo

Expertise: Spiritual counseling (former mental health therapist) with an emphasis on addictions/grief/loss/trauma, and relationships. Mediumship/psychic readings, light/dark spells, Shamanic energy work/healing

Kathy is a Green/Celtic Witch and a Psychic Medium At a young age she developed a love for the outdoors and the natural world, and incorporated Mother Earth and Buddhism into her spiritual practice. She followed a pagan practice for ten years before officially calling herself a Witch. She began working with Bearbridge Academy and Aly two years ago. As a Psychic Medium she works with her numerous spirit guides and ancestors to assist her in psychic/medium readings. The main focus of her practice includes green magic, rootwork, kitchen magic, druidic studies, shamanic work, and divination. She is also a student at the New Order of Druids.

Kathy has worked in a number of industries in her career, as a Chef in Ohio and Chicago, a real estate agent, and a mental health therapist with a Masters degree in Social Work. She also has a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources. She can often be found out in her garden, on long walks with her dog, or knitting, and lives in metro Detroit and northern Michigan with her husband, dog, and multiple cats.

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