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Ms Val

Dark Shamanic Psychic

Psychic Type: Clairvoyance, clairsentient, claircognizant

Psychic Skills: Ambitions, fears and shames relationships, finding the hidden

Psychic Tools: oracle, pendulum, scrying, shamanic stone reading, lithomancy, palmistry,

Craft Genres: Russian, Etruscan, Rootwork/Hoodoo, Lucifernarian, Hedge

Expertise: Using psychic skills for spiritual coaching, trained in exorcisms, soul retrievals, and spells for hire
Also a member of the Theosophical Society

After many years of denying her true self, Val discovered Aly. Val found not only an education and personal growth in her abilities, she found a place of acceptance and community at Bearbridge Academy. Val is a certified relationship and sex coach as well as an ordained minister. Her passion at Bearbridge is the occult and baneful magic with a particular love of Russian Black Magic.

Areas of study include Humanism, Hedonism, Eroticism and Dark Magic. I hold an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Abidance Counseling and Skeptology. I am known as Friar Val Stubbe at the United Church of Bacon, and Reverend Val at Universal Life Church.

Ms Val
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