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Nancy Lynn

Dark Psychic Shaman

Psychic Type: Clairsentience, claircognicance, clairalience

Psychic Skills: Intentions, uncovering true aspirations

Psychic Tools: Pendulum, scrying, stone reading, bibliomancy

Craft Genres: Rootwork/hoodoo, astral

Expertise: Light/dark spells, soul retrieval

Nancy is an academy elder by years and an old soul through life experience.  Relatively new to developing her psychic gifts, she has strong intuition and compassion.  Nancy has taken quite a few courses at The Bearbridge Academy and is grateful to have found Aly and be able to use her abilities to educate and help others. She grew up in Baltimore, a sensitive child, very connected to animals of all sorts and always knew there was much more to life than what the physical world presented.  A nurse by occupation, this natural healer will work with you to retrieve disconnected soul parts that have separated and give readings with divination tools that call to her. 

Nancy Lynn
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