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Hoodoo Psychic Medium

Psychic Type: Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Telekinetic.

Psychic Skills: mediumship/communicates with spirits, finding the hidden, psychic surgeries, soul retrievals, spirit removal or negotiation.

Psychic Tools: Oracle cards, automatic writing, pendulum, astral travel, mediumship, candles, herbs, oils/incense.

Craft Genres: Eclectic Witch, Shamanism, Rootwork/Hoodoo Witchery, Exorcism, Hedge Witchery.

Expertise: Psychic/Mediumship Readings, Rootwork/Hoodoo work, Trained in Entity Work (psychic surgery, entity removal, exorcisms).

Pirsipheny’s path started with a friend that she met through a job. When she looks back she can see the friends part in bringing her to realize her gifts of the craft. At that point she began looking for guidance and found classes with Aly at BearBridge. With the guidance and classes, she found that what she experiences is different but didn’t know it. Since those first classes she learned, developed, and grew.

Pirsipheny is an amazing Rootworker-Hoodoo practitioner who has a passion for doing spells and all variations of Rootwork. This is what lead her to get certified in Green Witchery.

Pirsipheny is a strong psychic and medium connecting people with loved ones on the other side. She also gives psychic readings using tools such as oracle cards, spirt, automatic writing or what she feels drawn to use. Through additional training she has further hone into her psychic gifts and is a successful practitioner with Spirit removals/psychic surgery and exorcisms. 

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