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Psychic Shaman

Psychic Type: very sensitive Clairsentient, Claircognizant and Clairvoyant.

Psychic Skills: Communicates with various spirits, psychic surgeries, soul retrievals, spirit removal/mediation/negotiation, finding the hidden, mediumship. Astral travel, trance, scrying.

Psychic Tools: Tarot and oracle cards, pendulum, candles, incense, oils, lava rocks, bamboo straws, crystals, automatic writing, channeling, exorcism bag, shamanic healing bag for soul retrievals and psychic surgeries, blankets for ritual work, wands, runes, altars.

Craft Genres: Eclectic witchcraft, Shamanism, exorcisms. Expertise: Communicates with various spirits, psychic surgeries, soul retrievals, spirit removal/mediation/negotiation, finding the hidden, mediumship. Astral travel, trance, scrying, and readings.

Sarah Simon is a certified psychic medium and a shamanic witchdoctor.  She spent two years working toward her shamanic priesthood certification from the mesoamerican cultures.  Sarah is of Bolivian descent which has strong ties with the Incan culture; she is also of part Romanian and part Russian descent. 

When not practicing the craft or working on her shamanism, Sarah works at a local community college managing the Facilities office.  She enjoys reading, writing, meditating, listening to music, watching movies with her partner and mini-house-panther, sketching, dancing, taking walks, diamond painting, Tai Chi, sleeping, and catching up with friends.

Sarah grew up traveling the world.  Her late father’s career took him and his family to many wonderful places around the globe.  She’s traveled to more than 15 countries and lived in Liberia, Guatemala, Botswana, and of course the USA.  Sarah is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish fluently.  She still enjoys traveling as much as her schedule allows.  

Sarah first discovered her gifts in adolescence, performing her first successful spell at 15, doing it more out of novelty than thinking it would actually work.  To her grand surprise, it did work!  The surprise rendered a shock that would stop her from dabbling too much within the craft.  She still read books, literature, and articles on the subject, but it would be another twenty years before she would actually tap into her gifts.

Sarah earned her first degree black belt in 2011, earning her second degree in 2014 with specialties in Lethwei (Burmese Boxing), mixed Filipino martial arts, and Tai Chi.  She taught and ran a martial arts school, training and preparing amateur fighters for upcoming fights as their corner coach.  She also worked with two local Girls Scouts Troops on facilitating the girls to achieve their Self Defense Training badges.  

Sarah continued training in martial arts until the global pandemic hit the United States.  Once the pandemic lockdown measures were put in place, it was finally time for Sarah to explore and work with her gifts in the craft; to stop running from it.  A recent diagnosis heavily restricts Sarah’s participation with impact sports, allowing for more time to dedicate to her shamanic craft.  

Sarah enjoys working with spirits.  Her goals are to help heal people AND spirits as holistically/wholeistically as possible.  (Hey, monsters and demons need healing and support too!)  She is an exorcist, she performs soul retrievals and spells as necessary, and teaches new psychics to help them discover their path.  She came to the realization that in doing this line of work, she will become a foster-mom of various spirits.  This makes her soul flutter! 

Happy healing! 

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