Premium mystical salon and services for your spiritual needs.


Faith healing is healing achieved by religious belief and prayer, rather than by medical treatment.  Here at Otso Salon, all of our healers are certified through the education at BearBridge Academy, overseen and tested by the Headmaster Aly Cardinalli.  These healers are accomplished in energy work, trauma repair, past life regressions, and faith healing.  

Psychic Readings

Want to know what makes our psychics unique?  Each one will use whatever tools necessary to get the answers you seek.  You aren't getting a 1800 number reading with these psychics.  You aren't getting a generic youtube tarot reading.  These psychics uniquely use tools and techniques which may vary throughout your reading, using cards, the wind, smoke, fire, crystals, stone throwing, and more.  You are in for a treat, and answers.


We live and thrive for convenience, right?  So why not hire a witch to make the things you want come to you?  Stop an annoying boss, get a promotion, bring love to you, heal your heart, or stop forgetting your keys.  If you can think up something you want, hire us to do it for you.

We are your own shortcut to a thriving life.

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